Too Different For Comfort by Louis-Vincent Gave

By Louis-Vincent Gave

Whilst Lord Salisbury used to be requested by way of Queen Victoria to think about a reform, he famously spoke back: "Change? Your majesty, usually are not issues undesirable sufficient as they are?" after all, it's within the nature of conservatives to appear askance at swap. yet occasionally, switch is thrust upon us; and in that regard, flip of the century classes are typically really irritating. think about a guy who fell asleep for 30 years in 1790. Our sloth might have woken as much as a really assorted global in 1820 (France used to be not the dominant ecu strength, Britain used to be quickly increasing her international succeed in, Spain had develop into a has-been, the us used to be experimenting with a brand new type of government...).

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Too Different For Comfort

Whilst Lord Salisbury was once requested by means of Queen Victoria to contemplate a reform, he famously answered: "Change? Your majesty, aren't issues undesirable sufficient as they're? " in fact, it's within the nature of conservatives to seem askance at swap. yet occasionally, switch is thrust upon us; and in that regard, flip of the century sessions are typically really anxious.

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Looking back though the history of modern nations, one finds that the first industrial revolution gave birth to the modern nation-states and the idea of citizenship. At the time, governments basically provided subjects, who had little say in the matter anyway, a modicum of regalian functions (police, army, judges). Following the second industrial revolution, governments started to branch out from their regalian functions and provided citizens with income redistribution, education, pensions, healthcare, unemployment insurance, etc.

For a cell-phone, the required income level seems to be around US$2,000. For a car, the critical level seems to be US$10,000/year. For foreign travel, it is US$15,000. For university education, US$20,000. For financial products, US$30,000 and so on. So let us assume that in a given country the average income was US$10,000/year. 3%. 6% of the 33 Too Different For Comfort population; an almost six-fold increase in the population likely to follow a person with a little flag while wearing the same baseball cap as their closest 100 friends.

As Argentina and the eurozone have shown, this has typically been a terrible decision which more often than not threatens to destroy the ‘willingness to live together’. And why is money so important that Aristotle, Plato and Jesus Christ, three great minds not known for being particularly venal, would take the time to think about it? We find many possible reasons – possibly a reflection that we have ourselves spent too much time thinking about money! Reason #1: Money is information - money is the system through which information about the current and future values of goods and services is 54 Chapter 5 transmitted.

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