Lucy's Legacy: The Quest for Human Origins by Donald Johanson, Kate Wong

By Donald Johanson, Kate Wong

“Lucy is a 3.2-million-year-old skeleton who has develop into the spokeswoman for human evolution. She may be the easiest recognized and so much studied fossil hominid of the 20th century, the benchmark in which different discoveries of human ancestors are judged.”–From Lucy’s Legacy

In his ny occasions bestseller, Lucy: The Beginnings of Humankind, popular paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson informed the exceptional tale of his discovery of a partial girl skeleton that revolutionized the learn of human origins. Lucy actually replaced our realizing of our international and who we come from. considering that dramatic locate in 1974, there was heated debate and–most important–more groundbreaking discoveries that experience additional remodeled our realizing of while and the way people advanced.

In Lucy’s Legacy, Johanson takes readers on a desirable journey of the final 3 many years of study–the most enjoyable interval of paleoanthropologic research so far. In that point, Johanson and his colleagues have exposed a complete of 363 specimens of Australopithecus afarensis (Lucy’s species, a transitional creature among apes and humans), spanning 400,000 years. accordingly, we've got a special fossil list of 1 department of our relations tree–that relatives being humanity–a tree that's believed so far again a fabulous 7 million years.

Focusing on dramatic new fossil reveals and leap forward advances in DNA examine, Johanson presents the newest solutions that post-Lucy paleoanthropologists are discovering to questions equivalent to: How did Homo sapiens evolve? while and the place did our species originate? What separates hominids from the apes? What used to be the character of Neandertal and smooth human encounters? What mysteries approximately human evolution stay to be solved?

Donald Johanson is a passionate advisor on a unprecedented trip from the traditional panorama of Hadar, Ethiopia–where Lucy was once unearthed and the place many different fascinating fossil discoveries have for the reason that been made–to a seashore collapse South Africa that after sheltered early individuals of our personal species, and lots of different major websites. Thirty-five years after Lucy, Johanson maintains to enthusiastically probe the origins of our species and what it capability to be human.

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