Freedom — Determinism Indeterminism by Anatol von Spakovsky Ph. D. (auth.)

By Anatol von Spakovsky Ph. D. (auth.)

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We cannot say about its "oneness" (one God as a personalization of Cosmic Thought) or "non-oneness," because the reality of "one" begins with the reality of "two," and only in the relation to "two" "one" acquires its numeric meaning. " At the end of our reflections we can say that the material reality of the universe is determined both by space and time, the psychical reality of human consciousness only by time, and by space only in the relation to the human body as a part of the 48 TIME-SPACE DETERMINATION material universe.

Nz). In these two points lies the difference between a scientific and religious idea. Both ideas can be strange, but the scientific idea strives always to be expressed in a precise form in order to be a non-ambiguous interpretation and to be accepted so long as it is in agreement with observation and reason, while the religious idea remains always in a more or less vague form which is subject to various interpretations, and it is accepted by its adherents even when it is not only in disagreement with observation or reason but in crass contradiction with them.

The direction of the temporal succession in the outermaterial -world is going only forward. e. the temporal succession in the inner- psychical -world proceeds alike forwards and backwards. I The consciousness of an average man is incapable of transforming the future ("after") into the present ("now") in the same way as this consciousness transforms the past ("before") into the present ("now"). But we know also cases, in which the consciousness of some exclusive persons is capable of making this transformation of the future into the present, too.

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