Stephan Körner — Philosophical Analysis and Reconstruction: by Roderick M. Chrisholm (auth.), Jan T. J. Srzednicki (eds.)

By Roderick M. Chrisholm (auth.), Jan T. J. Srzednicki (eds.)

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What is crucial so far is Reid's notion that at least some of our conceptions, some empirical concepts, are and must be the result of innate principles of the human mind. In this part of his theory there is some resemblance to Fodor's, for Reid defends what I think may be regarded as the computational theory of mind and the notion that there are concepts that are innately determined. There is, however, a difference between Reid and contemporary theories that is relevant to the issue of the attribution of the understanding of concepts.

36 In the Metaphysic of Ethics Kant FI VE CONC EPT S OF FREEDOM distinguished between Wille which, and Willkilr. Wille is pure practical reason through its autonomous legislation, creates moral duty in a being who does not by nature adhere to the law. It is by Willkilr that an action in accordance with, or opposed to, this law is undertaken. If one continues the political metaphor of autonomy, one can say that Wille is the autonomous legislative function and Willkilr exercises the executive function.

Concepts admitting border-line cases. Next I shall in support of this defence very briefly outline my present views about the nature and function of inexact concepts in commonsense, mathematical and scientific thinking. g. by means of innate mechanisms. 1. Ostensive Concepts and Ostensive Rules It seems best to begin by pointing out that I do not distinguish be- tween accepting a concept and accepting the rules governing its use. To accept the concept 'table' (or one of the predicates expressing it) is to 27 STEPHAN KORNER accept certain rules of reference according to which, e.

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