Leo the Great and the Spiritual Rebuilding of a Universal by Assistant Professor of Greek Patristics Susan Wessel

By Assistant Professor of Greek Patristics Susan Wessel

Leo the good answered to the quandary of the western empire through exchanging secular Rome with a Christian common Rome that can continue to exist its political loss of life. His humanitarian theology emphasizing the human nature of Christ made this common Rome valid.

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32 introduction to leo the great assumed the imperial throne (455–456)) solicited the help of Wallia’s successor Theodoric II, the Visigothic king. 131 Well before the political demise of Roman Spain, the Vandals together with the Alans departed from their settlement in Baetica and crossed the straits of Gibraltar to enter North Africa (429) through the westernmost provinces of the Mauritanias, Caesariensis and Sitifensis. ”136 No sooner had their hostile presence on Roman territory been accepted reluctantly Kulikowski, Late Roman Spain and Its Cities, pp.

His decretals were to provide a unified set of legal guidelines within which the bishops were to resolve their local cases. Although this model of ecclesiastical authority was certainly hierarchical, it drew some of its inspiration from the more fluid concept of power and leadership, mentioned earlier, which operated within the 40 introduction to leo the great secular administration. Its provincial officials were given a measure of autonomy that not only permitted, but required, them to solve independently all but the most thorny problems.

New Perspectives on Late Antique North Africa (Aldershot, 2004), p. J. Heather, Goths and Romans, 332–489 (Oxford, 1991), pp. 193–224. 104 105 28 introduction to leo the great ing numbers and whose neighbors were the powerful Huns and Ostrogoths that threatened them, soon attracted the Suevi from the ancient Quadi and the Alans from Pannonia into their midst. 111 That the invasions in the North were hostile should not imply that this same pattern governed the entry of barbarians into southwestern Gaul.

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