Hindu nationalism : a reader by Christophe Jaffrelot

By Christophe Jaffrelot

"Hindu nationalism got here to international cognizance in 1998, while the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata occasion (BJP) received nationwide elections in India. even though the BJP was once defeated nationally in 2004, it maintains to control huge Indian states, and the stream it represents is still a tremendous strength within the world's biggest democracy. This booklet provides the concept of the founding fathers and key highbrow leaders of Hindu Read more...

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There cannot be any manner of doubt that a second Hindu of even better claims could have been secured. But this was not done in due deference to Mohammadan feelings and sentiments. A principle of equal division and importance was conceded with all the ruinous results which must follow from it. It was an act of brave and glaring injustice to the Hindu community. For whether on the basis of numerical ratio or importance in matter of qualifications, influence and affluence, the Hindus were entitled to have three seats to one appointment of a Mohammadan.

When there arose wars between them, these wars came to be known as Devasura-Sangrama or god-demon-wars in folklore. —It is absolutely wrong. Vijanihyaryanye ca dasyavo barhismate randhaya sasad avratan (Rgveda, 1, 51, 8). 1). We have already written that ‘Arya’ is the name of virtuous, cultured and reliable persons, and ‘Dasyu’ of those who were just the reverse, thieves, vicious, unrighteous and uncultured. The Brahmanas, Ksattriyas, and Vaisyas (who are twice-born educated) are called Arya and the Sudras or uneducated as Anarya or non-Arya (ignorant).

There arose constant quarrels between the Devas or Aryas who were educated, and Asuras or Dasyus who were uncultured When troubles increased, the Aryas selected this part of the globe as the most excellent and settled in it. Since then it is called by the name Aryyavartta. 48. —What are the geographical boundaries of the Aryyavartta? . 1. The Himalayas in the north, the Vindhya in the south; and ocean on the east and the west. 2. Or in the west the Sarasvati (river Attak or Sindh), in the east, the Drsadvati (Brahmaputra) which rises in the eastern hills of Nepal and flowing in the east of Bengal and Assam, and in the west of Burmah falls into the southern sea (Bay of Bengal).

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