Glycogen and its Related Enzymes of Metabolism in the by M.Z.M. Ibrahim

By M.Z.M. Ibrahim

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Neuronal perikarya, processes, astrocytic end-feet, vascular walls and "neuropil" are positive. X 350. (D) Subiculum of hippocampus (grey matter above ) and adjoining alveus (white matter below) show well-localized particulate activity in neurons and diffuse activity in both types of astrocytes, and in "neuropil " . Oligodendrocytic enzyme is not apparent. X 350 32 that the cerebellar molecular layer shows strongest activity; the polyglucose always stained a monochrome brown to purple with iodine indicating its branched nature (see p.

Administration of CNS Depressants It is now well-established that depression of CNS function by hypnosis (Svorad, 1958), or by drugs, induces an increase in its glycogen content provided their effect is maintained for sufficiently long periods; Kerr and Antaki (1937) found no change in rabbit cerebral glycogen when they administered amytal, evipan, ether and chloroform for only 21 / 2-14 min. When some of these anaesthetics were used for 30-60 min there was, however, an increase in cerebral glucosebut not in glycogen-without a concomitant hyperglycaemia; such a response combination, viz.

Among these should be the CNS. Nevertheless, because the lowered blood glucose is overwhelmingly more than the expected increase in glucose uptake, the net result is sometimes a diminution in glucose uptake. Since the glycogen stores of CNS are naturally small they start to be used up, and hence, under such circumstances, the glycogen content of CNS decreases. Proof of such a direct effect of insulin on CNS elements was produced by Prasannan and Subrahmanyam (1965) and by Mellerup and Rafaelson (1969) and Mellerup (1970).

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