Geodynamic Evolution of the Southernmost Andes: Connections by Matías C. Ghiglione

By Matías C. Ghiglione

This e-book makes a speciality of the robust relation among the tectonic evolution of the Southernmost Andes and their closest southern friends, the Scotia Sea and Antarctica. a few episodes are regarding strategies of world value corresponding to the outlet of the Drake Passage, that's someway associated with overdue Cenozoic cooling. some of the themes lined within the ebook are matters of heated debates; as such, not just the most recent information and ways are offered, yet diversified issues of view in addition. The chapters research the interrelation among major geodynamic tactics and plate tectonics from a multidisciplinary perspective.
This Paleozoic-Cenozoic geodynamic evolution of the Southernmost Andes concerned interrelated metamorphic, magmatic, sedimentary, and deformational procedures directed through plate tectonics. the most themes disguise the evolution of the Rocas Verdes basin and the Cordillera Darwin high-grade metamorphic complicated, progress of the Patagonian Batholith, improvement of the Patagonian Orocline, the outlet of the Drake Passage in the course of progress of the Scotia Sea, evolution of the Austral-Magallanes foreland basin and its comparable fold and thrust belt.

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Geol Acta 6:43–53 Hervé F, Calderón M, Fanning CM, Kraus S, Pankhurst RJ (2010a) SHRIMP chronology of the Magallanes basin basement, Tierra del Fuego: Cambrian plutonism and Permian high-grade metamorphism. Andean Geology 37(2):253–275 Hervé F, Fanning CM, Pankhurst RJ, Mpodozis C, Klepeis K, Calderón M, Thomson SN (2010b) Detrital zircon SHRIMP U–Pb age study of the Cordillera Darwin Metamorphic Complex of Tierra del Fuego: sedimentary sources and implications for the evolution of the Pacific margin of Gondwana.

These rocks are exposed in two north–south-trending steeply dipping thrust sheets located in the central and western portions of the Sarmiento Cordillera (Allen 1982; Calderón et al. 2007a; Rapalini et al. 2008). A dacite dyke crosscutting pillow-basalt successions and a plagiogranite dyke in sheeted dikes of the basal Sarmiento Complex contain *150 Ma zircon crystals, indicating that mafic submarine volcanism had started prior to or during the Late Jurassic (Calderón et al. 2007a). The neighbor silicic pyroclastic rocks of the Tobífera Formation, intercalated with synrift deposits along fault-bounded grabens within Paleozoic metasedimentary rocks, were dated at 148 and 142 Ma, and thus coeval with ophiolitic magmatism.

Calderón et al. Katz HR (1964) Some new concepts on geosynclinal development and mountain building at the southern end of South America. In: Proceedings of 22nd international geological congress, India New Delhi. vol 4, pp 242–255 Klepeis K, Betka P, Clarke G, Fanning CM, Hervé F, Rojas L, Mpodozis C, Thomson SN (2010) Continental underthrusting and obduction during the Cretaceous closure of the Rocas Verdes rift basin, Cordillera Darwin, Patagonian Andes. Tectonics 29:TC3014 Kohn MJ, Spear F, Dalziel IWD (1993) Metamorphic P–T paths from Cordillera Darwin, a core complex in Tierra del Fuego, Chile.

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