Foundations of Liturgy: An Introduction to Its History and by Adolf Adam

By Adolf Adam

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Ioo nl M""era l things, tho- r",tk-ssness and h~'Ctlc activity " often """" in tho: liturgy; tho- "~""""'"(' lalkali,-,'ncss of m~n)' priests rs... · «,Ieb••- lion! l aS60'

Al one lhilt will she",' ,,' hleh liturgical actions and forms .... to M altribuk'd 10 Christ hitruoelf. , their mots in lhe Ilrst Chrisli;on community or, ~" "" .... ,r. \d, finally, ... hich Ideas, texts. n". inl<> ,,~ ist,'"'" a, Ihr Church developed ag. inst the background 01 Cfmlcmp""ry r u 1I Uo... and In Ihe selling 01 c""temporary histM)'. _ I. ly fs celebrated by local rommuniti", and tI'...... 15 who ... fIeoct the "lnd,riono; of thrir ti"W. d ho roncn-'1<' human ..... ,;aminlng their capadty 1M liturgy ; thaI is.

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