Feeding of Non-Ruminant Livestock by Julian Wiseman

By Julian Wiseman

Feeding of Non-Ruminant farm animals specializes in the foodstuff of non-ruminant farm animals.
The e-book first discusses the feeding of non-ruminants, together with rules of feed consumption and consumption standards and proposals. The textual content highlights the strength worth of feeds for non-ruminants; protein, nutrition, mineral, and foodstuff of non-ruminants; and nutrients of rabbits. The publication additionally underscores the meals of becoming and breeding pigs, together with gilts, boars, and sows.
The textual content describes the foodstuff of speedily transforming into broilers. Presentation of diets and selection of strength point; proteins and amino acids; features of construction process; and mineral, supplementations, and ingredients are thought of. The e-book additionally discusses the nutrients of laying hens and turkeys. meals of rearing pullets; foodstuff of hens in the course of lay; meat turkeys; and foodstuff of breeder turkeys in the course of rearing are defined. The textual content additionally highlights the food of geese, eastern quails, and roasting ducks.
The booklet is an effective resource of data for readers eager to learn the meals calls for of non-ruminant cattle.

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In adults, bones demineralize and become fragile (osteomalacia). Recent studies have shown that vitamin D 3 (cholecalciferol) is only a prohormone activated by hydroxylation in the liver and kidneys. The resultant molecule (1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol) acts as a true hormone in a number of target organs (intestine, bone, kidney, parathyroid gland); its synthesis is controlled by feedback mechanisms (negative) and to a greater or lesser extent by calcium absorption. Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) has no activity in birds.

Vitamin requirements and diet formulation 33 By virtue of intestinal synthesis, the need for dietary levels of vitamin K is only really necessary in rabbits and pigs during the first few weeks of life. On the other hand, it is important to add vitamin K to all diets for poultry due to the short length of the digestive tract in this species and their rearing conditions which reduce coprophagy. The recommendations given for each system of production account for an increase in requirements in those suffering from coccidiosis.

Vitamin B 2 is abundant in milk products, certain plant materials (lucerne) and animal meals but is found only at low levels in seeds and, consequently, it is important to include it in typical diets based on cereals and oil meals. Riboflavin is unstable only in the presence of light and is well preserved in raw materials and compound feeds. A relative degree of confidence may therefore be placed in the tables of composition, and supplementation need only be as a precautionary measure, as the vitamin is inexpensive, to give a dietary level of the order of double the minimum requirement.

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