Exploding Wires: Volume 4 by F. D. Bennett, G. D. Kahl (auth.), William G. Chace, Howard

By F. D. Bennett, G. D. Kahl (auth.), William G. Chace, Howard K. Moore (eds.)

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Rev. 155:78 (1967). 6. 0. S. O. Shear, Phys. Fluids 5:102 (1962). 7. E. Cusack, Rep. Prog. in PhYSiCS, XXVI, The Institute of Physics and The Physical Society, Stonebridge Press, Bristol, England (1963), p. 361. 8. V. Grosse, j. Inorg. Nucl. Chern. 22:23 (1961). 9. A. D. Kirshenbaum, j. Phys. Chern. 66:1050 (1962). 10. V. Grosse, Rev. Hautes Temper. et Refract. 3(2):115-146 (1966). 11. A. Rouse, Astrophys. j. 139:339 (1964). H. Zinke, University of Arkansas: We have been calculating vaporization wave velocities from resistance using your energy-corrected technique and with Au, Cu, and Al we obtain velocities similar to yours.

REFERENCES 1. R. D. Thesis, Kie1 University, 1966. 2. H. Griem. , New York. 1964. 3. H. Jager and W. Lochte-Ho1tgreven, Z. Physik 198:351 (1967). An HElectrical Equation of State" of Metals Determined by an Exploding Wire Technique W. G. Chace,* M. A. Levine, and C. V. Fish Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories Bedford, Massachusetts Using pulsed x rays and sheath suppressing methods. antitative measurements have been made of density, conductivity, energy content, and metal vapor velocity in wire explosions.

6. 5 cm lopg exploded with 12 kV. (I) Solid region, (II) "liquid" region, (Ill) "gas· region. 58 W. G. CHACE, M. A. LEVINE, AND C. V. FISH 0 10. 4 C M , ~, , .... ~II-O----- piN g/CM 3 Fig. 7. 0644 em. 5 em long exploded with 12 kV. (I) solid region, (II) "liquid- region, (Ill) -gas- region. p. A Herzfeld point (see text). plot, although the p vs. t plot shows breaks, which fall logically in with the current behavior. 2 f-Lsec, the material appears to be a solid and, indeed, a very slight break occurs in the di/dt curve at this time.

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