Exile as Forced Migrations: A Sociological, Literary, and by John J. Ahn

By John J. Ahn

Exile as pressured Migrations examines modern peoples in flight and plight to assist reconstruct the exilic event of Judeo-Babylonians within the sixth century B.C.E. Framing this monograph are economics of migration and its impression on each one respective iteration, fresh sociological experiences on pressured migration theories, displacement and resettlement concerns, old, literary and theological perspectives at the first generation´s "laments", the in-between generation´s "hope", "new construction" within the moment new release, and at last, "home" for the 3rd and next generations.

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The Universe In Africism, the foremost attribute of God is Creation. Creation is the Universe. ” Religiously and philosophically, Africism identifies the World and/or the Universe to be the base of sacred space, sacred time, and all sacred elements therein. ” Inadequate names, which reflect inadequate understanding, have not done justice to African religion. Even today, Western mainstream newspapers may continue to misrepresent Africism. ” It is precisely because of such challenges that the term Africism was coined, as an attempt to redress the imbalances of past and erroneous approaches.

7 Opoku, K. A. (1978). West African Traditional Religion. Accra, Ghana: FEP International Private Ltd. Opokuwaa, N. A. K. (2005). The Quest for Spiritual Transformation: Introduction to Traditional Akan Religion, Rituals and Practices. New York: iUniverse. ADINKRA SYMBOLS Associated most often with a multitude of symbols, the term “adinkra” is more accurately used to denote a symbolic funerary message given to transitioning and/or departed souls. ” Moreover, because the term “nkra” has “kra” (life force; soul) at its root, adinkra is further understood as a message that a transitioning and/or departed soul takes with it on its return to Nyame.

According to the belief of the Efiks, the wife of Abasi, whose name was Atai, convinced him to allow their adult children, one man and one woman, to settle on the Earth, but to prohibit them from reproducing or working the land. The idea, according to Efik understanding, was that the children should depend on their father and mother for shelter, food, and protection. However, the children resented these prohibitions and soon returned to heaven when Abasi called them to eat food when they became hungry.

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