Ethnographies of Prostitution in Contemporary China: Gender by Tiantian Zheng (auth.)

By Tiantian Zheng (auth.)

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Li 1958). Hence, it became women’s responsibility to persuade the men (S. Chen 1958). One article reported that, in a factory, women’s committee members sent people to talk to the husbands who would not practice birth control. For instance, one woman had four abortions and was extremely weak, but her husband still refused birth control. After committee members “worked him” (zuotade gongzuo; talked to him to change his ideas) to take care of his wife’s health, he finally realized that more abortions would induce danger to her health and therefore agreed to cooperate with her in birth control (J.

Conversations on this topic were hard to continue without clients’ cooperation. Luckily, a few of them were supportive of my research and willing to sacrifice their discomfort during the interviews. However, they reminded me of what a “huge favor” they were doing me. They constantly told me, “If I were not your friend, I would not reveal the private side of my life! ” Fortunately, we had been friends for years from my previous research, and they were willing to answer these “difficult” questions.

Yu 1957). In the end, her husband was pushed further away from her. Other readers related how fear of pregnancy made them retreat from marriage (Xiongqiong Li 1957). From readers’ reports, it seemed common that by age twenty-one, young married women were already mothering three or more children and had to leave school to take care of them (J. Lei 1957; Xiongqiong Li 1957; D. Yu 1957). Some decided to shoulder the double burden of study and childcare; others relied on their parents for childcare or applied for subsidies from the country (J.

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