Essentials in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology by Narendra Kumar, Sunita Kumbhat

By Narendra Kumar, Sunita Kumbhat

This e-book describes a number of elements of nanoscience and nanotechnology. It starts with an advent to nanoscience and nanotechnology and contains a historic potential, nanotechnology operating in nature, guy -made nanomaterial and influence of nanotechnology illustrated with examples.

It is going directly to describes normal man made techniques and methods and in addition bargains with the characterization of nanomaterial utilizing sleek instruments and strategies to offer simple figuring out to these drawn to studying this rising quarter.

It then offers with other kinds of nanomaterial akin to inorganics, carbon based-, nanocomposites and self-assembled/supramolecular nano constructions when it comes to their kinds, synthesis, houses and so forth. moreover, it includes chapters dedicated to particular homes with mathematical remedy anywhere appropriate and the radical purposes facing info expertise, pollutants regulate (environment, water), power, nanomedicine, healthcare, patron items etc.

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Q10. What are nanostructure-induced effects? How do they influenc the properties of materials at nanoscale? Q11. Write a short note on the following characteristics of nanomaterial and their impact on properties: surface charge, surface area, and surface porosity. Q12. Mention the change in optical, electrical, magnetic, and biological properties when material is brought down to nanoscale. Q13. Discuss the commercial applications of following nanomaterials: (1) nanoclay; (2) CNTs; (3) silver nanoparticles; and (4) gold nanoparticles.

5. 10 CNTs, carbon nanofibe , nanocomposites POTENTIAL HEALTH HAZARDS AND ENVIRONMENTAL RISKS It is unclear whether nanoparticles can cause chronic health effects. There are several methods that nanoparticles can enter the body, these include the following: inhalation, ingestion, absorption through the skin, and direct injection for medicinal purposes [16]. The skin is surprisingly permeable to nanomaterials. Carbon nanotubes are strong and can have a similar shape to asbestos fibers several studies suggest that carbon nanotubes are potentially toxic to humans.

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