Endohedral Fullerenes : From Fundamentals to Applications by Shangfeng Yang, Chun-Ru Wang

By Shangfeng Yang, Chun-Ru Wang

Endohedral fullerenes characterize a singular kin of carbon nanostructures, that are characterised via a strong fullerene cage with atoms, ions, or clusters trapped in its inside. because the first separation of the endohedral metallofullerene La@C82 in 1991, a wide number of endohedral buildings were remoted and their endohedral nature has been proved via experimental experiences. in the prior 20 years, the area of endohedral fullerenes was once considerably enlarged by means of the clusterfullerenes and the recent carbon cages together with non-IPR (IPR=isolated pentagon rule) constructions. caused by the cost move from the encaged species to the fullerene cage, endohedral fullerenes carry loads of interesting homes inaccessible via the empty fullerenes, and hence promise capability purposes in biomedicine, molecular electronics and photonics and so on.

The ebook offers a entire evaluation of endohedral fullerenes fascinated about the hot advances long ago decade, together with its basics (structures), synthesis, isolation, characterization, homes, functionalization in addition to the purposes, hence representing the main up-to-date and huge assessment of this fascinating field.

Readership: complex undergraduates and graduate scholars, scientists in Chemistry, Physics, and fabrics technology, researchers and pros within the fields of fullerenes and all-carbon nanomaterials, and most people.

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Are mixed and filled into the core-drilled graphite rod (Φ 8 mm × 150 mm in our laboratory) as an anode, and an undrilled graphite rod (Φ 40 mm × 33 mm in our laboratory) is applied as a cathode. g. indd 24 25-02-2014 10:07:52 b1694 Endohedral Fullerenes: From Fundamentals to Applications Synthesis and Isolation of Endohedral Fullerenes – A General Review 25 into the chamber as the cooling gas with an optimized pressure (200–400 mbar in our laboratory). During the DC arc discharge process, the distance between two electrodes is kept at about 5–10 mm to ensure continuous arc generation, and the graphite/metal (oxide) anode is consumed, leading to formations of fullerenes including ENFs.

Besides, with the discoveries of some new and specific types of ENFs, several new methods have also been developed for the synthesis of some specific ENFs, including those encapsulating noble gas atoms, group-V atoms, hydrogen molecules, etc. 3 Thus, we focus on such metal-based ENFs in this review. indd 20 25-02-2014 10:07:52 b1694 Endohedral Fullerenes: From Fundamentals to Applications Synthesis and Isolation of Endohedral Fullerenes – A General Review 21 Extraction of ENFs from the soot mixture is the next critical issue to be addressed.

Chem Soc Rev 40: 3551–3563. 25-02-2014 09:59:24 b1694 Endohedral Fullerenes: From Fundamentals to Applications CHAPTER 2 Synthesis and Isolation of Endohedral Fullerenes – A General Review Fupin Liu, Jian Guan, Tao Wei, Song Wang, Shangfeng Yang* Endohedral fullerenes (ENFs) are a special family of fullerenes with atoms, ions, or clusters entrapped in the interior of the carbon cage. The synthesis of ENFs provides the sample availability as the prerequisite of the follow-up structural and property study, and thus plays a key role in ENF research.

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