Employment Relations in France - Evolution and Innovation by Alan Jenkins

By Alan Jenkins

This booklet lines the improvement of employment relatives in France on account that 1968 and analyzes the most sorts of evolution and innovation in parts; human assets administration and commercial relatives. the writer records how modern employment relatives in France have emerged via innovation and fight and the way those procedures can give a contribution to wider debates over adjustments in employment relatives in different business societies.

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Members of the same union in different firms sometimes showed violent opposition to, and at other times active support for, the same experimental change. A whole range of pragmatic tactics thus emerged in the function of the variations in local contingencies—how a specific workplace change was introduced, local union strengths and weaknesses, the extent of labormanagement trust, etc. ” Behind the diverse expressions of this local union pragmatism lay, of course, the feeling that new management social initiatives (these often reviving memories of prewar paternalism) were almost impossible to counter, given the available resources of time, skill and research available to local militants and officials.

Those in companies who had the power to adopt or extend such practices through job redesigns—engineers and managers—became convinced that they would not produce the increases in productivity that new competitive conditions demanded. As unemployment grew, it also became less and less clear that recruitment and motivation would continue to pose problems in industry—as they had in the earlier part of the decadeand therefore that major work reorganization to tackle them was appropriate. This view gains some solid support from the examination of the history of Renault, one of France’s most innovative companies in the human resources area.

The Auroux report, in fact, led to a full one-third rewriting of the The Reform of Work in France 29 “Code du travail” (French labor law), an enormous undertaking. To simplify somewhat here, I shall outline two main aspects of the legal changes that resulted, and then I will immediately tackle the evidence of the way companies, their employees, and the unions behaved in their aftermath regarding workplace expression and communication processes. In the next chapter, I will turn to the formal negotiation of the process of technological change through the traditional institutions (such as the “Comité d’entreprise,” the works council) that the laws sought to renew, strengthen, and empower.

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