Eclipse Phase Transhuman by Posthuman Studios;Rob Boyle;Jack Graham

By Posthuman Studios;Rob Boyle;Jack Graham

Eclipse section Transhuman

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191 55 96 Space Fighter Rover p.  187, R 70 71–72 Jenkin p. 193 20 97 Smart Swarm p.  187, R 55 73–75 Samsa p. 195 60 p.  150, G 50 76–83 Security Pod p. 195 30 p.  150, G 70 84–86 Space Marine p.  150, G 50 87–95 Specialist Pod p. 196 25 p. 188 50 96–00 Vacuum Pod p. 197 30 p. 189 60 83–85 Crasher 86 87 CHARACTER CREATION: PACKAGES Dvergr Ariel 88–89 Bruiser CHARACTER CREATION: LIFE PATH 90 Cloud Skate p. 189 55 Faust p. 190 85 Freeman p. 191 10 Grey p.  143, EP 94–95 Nomad p. 194 30 21–35 Synth 96–99 Observer p.

144, EP 20 86–92 Scholar p.  144, EP 100 93 Slave 94–00 Wirehead p. 142 5 p. 142 60 SKILLS BY CATEGORY COMBAT SKILLS KNOWLEDGE SKILLS SOCIAL SKILLS Beam Weapons Academics: [Field] PHYSICAL SKILLS Climbing Animal Handling Blades Art: [Field] Flight Deception Clubs Language: [Field] Free Fall Impersonation Exotic Melee Interest: [Field] Freerunning Intimidation Exotic Ranged Profession: [Field] Infiltration Kinesics Palming Networking: [Field] Swimming Persuasion Fray Gunnery MENTAL SKILLS Kinetic Weapons Investigation Seeker Weapons Navigation Spray Weapons Perception Control Throwing Weapons Scrounging Psi Assault Demolitions Unarmed Combat All Psi Skills Sense Hardware: [Field] Protocol PSI SKILLS TECHNICAL SKILLS Infosec VEHICLE SKILLS Programming TYPE OF SLEIGHT Psychosurgery Research TYPE OF SLEIGHT D10 ROLL Interfacing Medicine: [Field] Pilot: [Field] TYPE 1–6 Psi-Chi (requires the Psi (Level 1) Trait) 7–0 Psi-Gamma (requires the Psi (Level 2) Trait and Control, Psi Assault, and/or Sense skills) SLEIGHTS Alienation 05–08 Aphasic Touch (p.

Suggested Motivations: +Personal Career, +Privacy, +Survival 3 1 pp Kinetic Weapons 40, Profession: Assassin 30, Unarmed Combat 30 +50 Rep (Your Choice) Blades 25, Fray 30, Infiltration 40, Kinetic Weapons 50, Language: (Choose One) 40, Perception 20, Profession: Assassin 50, Unarmed Combat 40 pp 5 pp +50 Rep (Your Choice) Art: (Choose One) 30, Blades 35, Disguise 40, Freerunning 30, Fray 30, Infiltration 50, Interest: (Choose One) 30, Kinetic Weapons 50, Language: (Choose One) 40, Perception 30, Profession: Assassin 50, Spray Weapons 30, Unarmed Combat 50 BODYGUARD You protect your clients from harm and the stress and inconvenience of death.

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