Don't Make a Problem of Anything: Discussions with J. by Krishnamurti

By Krishnamurti

A part of a chain of books designed to assist the younger comprehend and take care of the area inside of themselves

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Go on, sir, don’t be shy of that word. PNS: Compassion? K: Care, compassion, love, attention. PNS: Responsibility. K: Yes. Responsibility, care, affection, love, compassion—what does all that imply? Isn’t that an action of intelligence? Because, you cannot be compassionate without intelligence. You cannot have care without intelligence. So all that is a movement of intelligence. The non-intelligence is nationality, all that. Now you have created a movement of intelligence in me; because you are intelligent, you have created it in me.

I have no ideals, personally I have no ideals, concepts put together by thought. ’ SF: My question really is: we could also make an ideal of not having any ideal. K: Of course. SF: And so when we negate them, how do we negate them? Do we negate them just as an idea, or do we actually see the validity of it? K: Yes, yes, of course. SF: So if someone says a religious mind is one that has compassion or one that has humility... K: No, I don’t say anything. I negate what is not. SF: And you make no positive statement?

RD: I’m watching. K: You are all so complicated. God, what minds you have! Repeating the same thing. GN: In fact I thought he said it: the mirror is relationship. K: He said it, I know. I want him to find out. Was that just a repetition or...? PNS: No, sir, no. K: Wait. I was going to bring it out later. If you say the whole of violence can be seen in my relationship with another, then relationship is the mirror. PNS: Sitting alone in a room I can’t see my violence. K: So in relationship you can see the whole movement of violence.

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