Dirac Structures and Integrability of Nonlinear Evolution by Irene Dorfman

By Irene Dorfman

An creation to the world for non-specialists with an unique method of the mathematical foundation of 1 of the most popular examine themes in nonlinear technology. bargains with particular points of Hamiltonian concept of structures with finite or countless dimensional part areas. Emphasizes structures which happen in soliton thought. Outlines present paintings within the Hamiltonian thought of evolution equations.

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We consider linear operators //:2l*->2l described by kernels r(ul9 u2)e(5 ® (5. 36) that are conventionally used in the theory of the Yang-Baxter equation. 37) holds. ). ) = 0. , n. 36). Therefore the following result has been obtained. -Q1-*?! in the standard 9I-complex with trivial action of 91. The approach to the classical Yang-Baxter equation just presented is somehow more natural than the conventional one described at the beginning of this section because no embedding of (8 into U is needed.

Therefore K l 9 <^2]H is a 2-cocycle on Q 1 , endowed with the Lie bracket [ , ] K . 27). 4), we find that the deformation we are considering is trivial. The 2-cocyle [ , ] H constitutes the coboundary of A*, so A* is a Nijenhuis operator with respect to the Lie bracket [ , ~\K. Due to the symmetry of the problem and the Nijenhuis property of an inverse to a Nijenhuis operator, the final conclusion is that for any Hamiltonian pair of invertible operators H,K: ft1 -»2I both K~XH and H~XK are Nijenhuis operators with respect to each of the brackets [ , ] * and [ , ] H .

15 For arbitrary X, 7691 and any £ l5 £ 2 , ^ e Q 1 there holds lHX9HYl(tl9t29t3)=-(tX9 3 7 1 , ^ A £2 A {3), 3 where the pairing between A 9l and A O* is determined by the formula (xx A x 2 A x 3 , { i A { 2 A £3) = det || (xi9 £j) ||. The proof is obtained by a direct calculation on homogeneous elements. The characterization of the Schouten bracket thus obtained must be kept in mind throughout the next section, where 91 and (Q,d) will be a certain infinite-dimensional Lie algebra and the standard 9l-complex with trivial action, respectively.

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