Diagnosis, Tblshtg. of Auto. Elect., Electronic, Systs. by J. Halderman, et. al.

By J. Halderman, et. al.

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10. What type of cutter is available in left and right cutters? 5. Why are wrenches offset 15 degrees? CHAPTER QUIZ 1. The correct location for the pads when hoisting or jacking the vehicle can often be found in the ________. a. Service manual c. Owner’s manual b. Shop manual d. All of the above 2. For the best working position, the work should be ________. a. At neck or head level c. Overhead by about 1 foot b. At knee or ankle level d. At chest or elbow level 3. A high-strength bolt is identified by ________.

The direction of rotation can be changed to loosen or tighten a fastener. WARNING Do not use incandescent trouble lights around gasoline or other flammable liquids. The liquids can cause the bulb to break and the hot filament can ignite the flammable liquid, which can cause personal injury or even death. FLUORESCENT A trouble light is an essential piece of shop equipment, and for safety, should be fluorescent rather than incandescent. Incandescent light bulbs can scatter or break if gasoline were to be splashed onto the bulb, creating a serious fire hazard.

B SEE FIGURE 1–28. heat. High temperatures can reduce the strength (“draw the temper”) of metal tools. Do not hit sockets or socket drivers with a hammer. Replace any tools that are damaged or worn. BLADE WIDTH FIGURE 1–29 A flat-tip (straight-blade) screwdriver. The width of the blade should match the width of the slot in the fastener being loosened or tightened. FIGURE 1–30 Two stubby screwdrivers used to access screws that have limited space above. A straight blade is on top and a #2 Phillips screwdriver is on the bottom.

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