Cytotoxic Effector Mechanisms by E. R. Podack (auth.), Eckhard R. Podack M.D. (eds.)

By E. R. Podack (auth.), Eckhard R. Podack M.D. (eds.)

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1987). The primary structure for granzymes A to F has been determined by cDNA sequencing as shown in Fig. 2. E. Jenne and J. Tschopp Ora Orc BOH 31 31 Ora 35 3S Orc Orc Ora F 3S RMCP I RMCP I I Cal G HLP 3S 35 35 31 31 _A ~ Gra BGH 65 _C " Ora 0 Ora E Grc F RMCP I RMCP II 90 66 86 66 66 Cat G 65 e H~ Ora Ora BGH 136 139 Ora C Ora 0 Gra E t10 115 111 Orc F 111 RMCP I RMCP II Cat G HLP 110 110 Gra 191 136 139 Ora BGH 191 Ora 192 Orc Ora Ora F 196 192 192 RMCP I AMCP II Cat G HLP 190 169 189 191 Ora GrC!

The two residues following the hydrophobic signal peptide form a short propeptide at the N-terminus of the granzymes and are emphasized by a grey background. Amino acid residues which are conserved in at least four of the ten proteins are surrounded by boxes. The residues histidine (H), aspartic acid (D), and serine (S), which form the catalytic site in serine proteases, are indicated by Residues lining the substrate binding pocket are found in positions - 6, + 15 to + 17, and + 25 relative to the active site serine in the aligned sequences (KRAUT 1977) and are marked by stars *' Granzymes: a Family of Serine Proteases in Granules of Cytolytic T Lymphocytes 41 closely related to rat mast cell protease II (RMCP) (WOODBURY et al.

This protein facilitates lysis of target cells through self-polymerization and formation of pores that resemble C5b-9 formed on complement-lysed membranes. , this volume). Immunological evidence also indicates that perforin and C9 have common antigenic determinants, at least one of which involves the cysteine-rich LDL receptor domain. 5 Synthesis The primary site of C8 synthesis is the liver, but it is also produced by monocytes (HETLAND et al. 1986). Little is known about the intracellular processing and assembly of C8.

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