Cuckservative: How "Conservatives" Betrayed America by Vox Day

By Vox Day

Fifty years in the past, the USA used to be lied to and betrayed by way of its leaders.

With almost no debate, Congress handed the main radical switch to immigration legislation in American background. for the reason that 1965, the USA has continued the most important mass migration of individuals in human heritage, two times the scale of the nice wave of immigration into america among 1870 and 1930. for this reason, american citizens are being displaced of their personal land through an ongoing invasion that dwarfs Operation Barbarossa, is 2 orders of importance higher than the Mongol hordes, and is a thousand occasions greater than the 1st Crusade.

America's so-called conservative leaders and the conservative media have joined forces with liberal internationalists in overtly celebrating this huge invasion, hoping on undesirable theology, outmoded economics, and ancient myths to falsely declare that immigration is an ethical relevant, an fiscal necessity, and within the nationwide curiosity. Cuckservative: How "Conservatives" Betrayed the United States is a robust safeguard of America's correct to exist as a state via local American authors, in addition to a damning indictment of a conservatism that has did not preserve America's tradition and traditions.

This robust and remorseless booklet addresses the parable of the Melting Pot, proves that mass immigration is a internet destructive for the U.S. economic system, and exposes the anti-Christian ideology in the back of the Christian establishment's aid for multiculturalism and open borders. It even indicates how 50 years of immigration have reduced America's commonplace IQ. The authors pull no punches in conclusively demonstrating that it's not correct, it's not ethical, it isn't economically invaluable, and it isn't Constitutional to betray America's posterity.

In Cuckservative, John purple Eagle and Vox Day warn american citizens that in the event that they don't guard their tradition, their posterity, and their kingdom, they are going to ultimately locate themselves all alone path of Tears.

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They also resist change, often quite violently. Are all cultures the same? Even today’s establishment cultural relativists won’t deny differences in fashion, color schemes, music, and the many other superficial trappings of culture. Bring up values, however, and they begin to equivocate. Compare American culture in a negative way with almost any non-Western culture, and our society’s dominant leftists will enthusiastically agree, though the occasional cuckservative opposition might raise a few impotent protests.

I will not watch my nation and my people be screwed over. ” The American way of life is under attack, and both cuckservatives and the left have turned against real Americans. After reading this book, you will understand why we must stand together as Americans and reject both the cuckservatives and their false conservatism as well as our enemies on the left. Our lives, and the lives of our posterity, depend upon it. There is a new political right forming in America, and there is no place in it for those who refuse to put America first.

As a result, Donald Trump shot to the top of the polls and shocked the world by becoming the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. Nor was Trump the only outsider to use immigration as a way to surmount the many challenges posed to those who take on the American political establishment. S. Senator Bernie Sanders, the socialist from Vermont, correctly called into question the false assumption that immigration creates new jobs for native workers and rode that pro-labor position into early leads in the Iowa and New Hampshire polls.

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