Crafts ebook - Homespun Crafts with illus & patterns - wood, by Baillie K

By Baillie K

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Diagonal slabs are used in Figures la and Ib/Cut a slab about % in. thick and 8 in. long from the dead trunk or branch of a small tree. Figure single piece of birch 7, if desired, is Figure 3b shows how in quarters. This will how they are used. a large make two chunk elm can be sawed book ends. Figure 3a shows of birch or pairs of A A novel single book end is shown in Figure 2. strip of heavy flashing copper, about 15 in. long and the width of the wood, is coiled around a wooden dowel held in a vise.

Nailheads from an old scarf are shown in Figure 5. Other Materials: wax Paper for patterns, glue or clear nail polish, and for the leather. TOOLS Pencil, compass, edged ruler; and scissors ruler for or making patterns; razor blade; metal- pinking shears; needle and thread; 26 and BOYS' & GIRLS' LEATHER BELTS 44A-TS MAKE -PATTERNS CFIgs, 1^^-3J Plate 8 TOR AbOVE leather punch or paper punch for making holes in either leather or felt (Figs. 4 and 6). PROCEDURE 1. 2. 3. Rip apart the purse with a razor blade.

Before attaching the roof, nail the floor of the house to the trunk of the tree. Then cut the birchbark or metal to make an overhanging 4. fit the needs of either the roof (Fig. 1). Paint the bath (Fig. 2) and flowerpots (Fig. 3) and allow them to dry. Fill the pots with wild flowers and arrange them and the bath in their respective places on the tree. the bark. ; be sure to obtain the head or cover of the barrel (Plate 20, Fig. 2). Twigs or branches longer than the barrel will be needed to make the roof.

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