Consciousness Reconsidered by Owen Flanagan

By Owen Flanagan

I actually just isn't giving stars to my very own ebook, however it seems a demand here.Two clarifications:1. it truly is precise that i do not have interaction Dave Chalmers perspectives within the e-book. Dave's ebook seemed approximately five years after mine.2. The name *Consciousness Reconsidered* has understandably led a few to imagine that it really is essentially a reaction to Dennett's *Consciousness Explained.* it is not, altho. I do interact a few of Dan's arguments. My booklet was once released quickly after Dan's & so much of my concerns w/Dan relate to papers (alto. alongside w/Ned Block, i mentioned Dan's imminent booklet w/him and others frequently. yet responding to and/or supplying an alternate view to Dennett used to be now not my target. actually my view on *consciousness* used to be sketched out within the lengthy new bankruptcy in *The technological know-how of the brain* released in 1991.

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The concepts of karma and dharma are elaborate social constructs that frame all experience (they can frame experience without infiltrating every experiential episode). They explain, as I have said, the ways of the world and the obligations of men and women. Karma can be illuminated in terms of dharma, and vice versa. Together they function as ultimate metaphysical explanations. But they are not themselves phenomena to be explained in some deeper way. It is easy to imagine that someone might become disenchanted with the "way of worldmaking" involved.

TCarma' refers to the good or bad fortune that accrues to an individual on the basis of the good or bad deeds she has performed in previous lives. Good fortune results from good karma; bad fortune from bad karma. The objection of excessive simplicity is that we know that the causes of good and bad fortune are multifarious. But explanations of all the instances of good or bad fortune in terms of karma assimilate this multifarious and heterogeneous array of causal antecedents of good and bad fortune into one single kind.

Consequently the term fails to refer. It involved a wrong, excessively simplistic way of thinking about things" (1983, 5, my italics). The concept of consciousness shows signs of similar failings. There are actually three different objections embedded in Rey's argument. '" Second, there is the objection that the logic of the concept of consciousness may incorporate at its core a deep falsehood or set of falsehoods, for example, regarding incorrigibility or unity, and that this falsehood will render the concept unsalvageable.

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