Commercializing nanomedicine : industrial applications, by Luca Escoffier, Mario Ganau, Julielynn Wong

By Luca Escoffier, Mario Ganau, Julielynn Wong

The authors of this booklet handle all members coming near near the examine of nanomedicine for the 1st time ever, in addition to these already profitably operating within the box both as scientists, medical professionals, legal professionals, or marketers. Teeming with actual, updated, and relaxing content material, the publication describes a few enlightening proof and figures referring to the growing to be box of nanomedicine. Open difficulties and possibilities are pointed out and mentioned, delivering a chain of forecasts concerning its worldwide influence on healthcare structures within the coming twenty years. This creation is via 3 various sections: (a) one only clinical, which delves deep into components as different as proteomics or supply platforms for nanodrugs, demonstrating how nanotechnology is reshaping the way in which analysis and therapy of ailments are made; (b) one concerned about the moral demanding situations that governments and firms are dealing with or must face for you to shield sufferers’ rights; and (c) one fullyyt devoted to the criminal and entrepreneurial matters which are riding this whole scientific revolution. within the pages of this lucidly written e-book, scientists and executives will surely locate the need-to-have software on their table to thrive and achieve the commercialization of nanomedicine.

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Shin and colleagues, for example, were able to detect simultaneously not only enzymes, such as phosphoextracellular signal–regulated kinase (ERK), but also receptors, such as the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), both key nodes of the PI3K signaling pathway of several tumors, at concentrations of 10 to 1 ng/mL [53, 55]. The coupling of DNA barcode analysis with immobilization and characterization of few to single cells represented a remarkable boost for cancer proteomics; in fact among the advantages of singlecell analysis the main one is certainly the possibility to foster qualitative protein measurements but in a quantitative fashion [55].

A completely new approach is therefore warranted. The ability to repeatedly sample the local environment for pathologic biomarkers, chemotherapeutic agents, and tumor metabolite concentrations could improve response monitoring, early detection of metastasis, and personalized therapy [64]. The state of the art of sensors capable of continuous measurement of analytes in biological media is represented by a wide range of different devices whose potential use in single cells, tissue slices, animal models, and humans has been demonstrated.

Ellis-Behnke, R. , Liang, Y. , Tay, D. , Kau, P. , Schneider, G. , So, K. F. (2006 Oct 12) Nano hemostat solution: immediate hemostasis at the nanoscale. Nanomedicine (4), 207–215. 32. eu/public July 24, 2015 18:13 PSP Book - 9in x 6in 20 Nanomedicine 33. org/ 34. org/ 35. 1 Beyond Conventional Diagnostics Diagnostics play a key role in medicine for the successful prevention or efficient treatment of diseases. Taking cancer as an example of a widespread disease, and a leading cause of death in many countries (especially the industrial ones), it will be difficult to achieve a meaningful increase in the cure efficiency unless more information about the pathophysiology can be obtained and timely translated into appropriate treatments [1].

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