Ciba Foundation Symposium - Health of Mankind by London, 1967. Wolstenholme, G. E. W. ; O'Connor, Maeve,

By London, 1967. Wolstenholme, G. E. W. ; O'Connor, Maeve, ; Ciba Foundation. Symposium on Health of Mankind

Chapter 1 international prevalence and incidence of the most important Communicable illnesses (pages 1–50): W. Harding le Riche
Chapter 2 Care of mom and baby (pages 51–62): Ihsan Dogramaci
Chapter three Animal health and wellbeing and its Implications for guy (pages 63–78): W. I. B. Beveridge
Chapter four Geographical Pathology of the most important Killing problems: melanoma and Cardiovascular illnesses (pages 79–102): J. H. de Haas
Chapter five psychological and Behavioural issues (pages 103–112): T. Adeoye Lambo
Chapter 6 Occupational future health and its overview (pages 113–126): Haruo Katsunuma
Chapter 7 inhabitants development and Age Composition (pages 127–148): Gregory Pincus
Chapter eight defective foodstuff: mess ups in foodstuff offer, sort and Distribution (pages 149–163): Sir Norman Wright
Chapter nine toxins of Water, Air and nutrition (pages 164–177): Abel Wolman
Chapter 10 The Inhuman urban (pages 178–195): C. A. Doxiadis
Chapter eleven Political, nationwide and standard obstacles to healthiness regulate (pages 196–217): okay. Evang
Chapter 12 dimension and Distribution of current global assets of medical professionals, experts, Nurses, Midwives, clinical Technicians, Sanitarians and different wellbeing and fitness employees (pages 218–238): Leo A. Kaprio
Chapter thirteen schooling and coaching amenities, current and capability; and learn (pages 239–253): H. Pequignot and A. L. Banks
Chapter 14 Outlines of a global healthiness provider, and in the direction of an international Society as a Step in the direction of Man's Well?Being (pages 254–273): G. E. W. Wolstenholme
Chapter 15 Concluding feedback (page 274): Professor A. L. Banks

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In countries where high standards of hygiene exist and where milk is pasteurized this disease is uncommon84. Amongst the “silent diseases”, infectious hepatitis is coming into greater prominence, partly no doubt because of improved diagnosis and more complete notification. Estimates of world incidence are not worth attempting, because so many cases will be missed, especially in tropical areas where so many people may have other conditions associated with jaundice. The largest water-borne outbreak on record occurred in Delhi, India with an estimated 29,300 icteric cases in a six-week period between November 1955 and January 195685.

A large proportion of the Bantu deaths occurred below an age of 2 0 years. While tetanus is not strictly one of the common childhood communicable fevers, it may be extremely important in some countries. It is stated by Pai51, for example, to be one of the four main causes of death in rural India, where it replaces tuberculosis as the leading cause of death. Neonatal tetanus is far more frequent than any other type, doubtless due to cultural and environmental factors discussed by Learmonthsz, a situation that finds parallels in other parts of the world.

These are measles, with an estimate of 508,000, whooping cough 112,000, diphtheria 127,000. Smaller in numbers are 31,000 for meningococcal infection, 3 5,000 for poliomyelitis and 6,000 for scarlet fever. Most of these estimates may be too low. While measles is a serious disease in North America and Europe, it can be devastatingin Asia and Africa and South America, where it is superimposed on parasitism, anaemia and malnutrition, and where it may attack nonimmune populations living under primitive conditions.

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