Cells to Civilizations: The Principles of Change That Shape by Enrico Coen

By Enrico Coen

Cells to Civilizations is the 1st unified account of ways lifestyles transforms itself--from the construction of micro organism to the emergence of advanced civilizations. What are the connections among evolving microbes, an egg that develops into an child, and a baby who learns to stroll and speak? Award-winning scientist Enrico Coen synthesizes the expansion of residing structures and inventive procedures, and he finds that the 4 nice existence transformations--evolution, improvement, studying, and human culture--while regularly understood individually, really all revolve round shared middle rules and take place an identical primary recipe. Coen blends provocative dialogue, the most recent clinical examine, and colourful examples to illustrate the hyperlinks among those serious phases within the background of life.

Coen tells a narrative wealthy with genes, embryos, neurons, and interesting discoveries. He examines the improvement of the zebra, the diversifications of seaweed, the cave work of Lascaux, and the formulations of Alan Turing. He explores how canine make predictions, how weeds inform the time of day, and the way our brains distinguish a Modigliani from a Rembrandt. finding commonalities in vital findings, Coen provides readers a deeper figuring out of key variations and gives a daring portrait for a way technology either frames and is framed through human culture.

A compelling research into the relationships among our organic prior and cultural growth, Cells to Civilizations provides a outstanding tale of dwelling change.

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