Carnival of Swords D20, PCI1005 by Scott Charlton

By Scott Charlton


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Sean Morey" "argues that what supply offers is entry to the unspeakable, subconscious parts of rhetoric, now not essentially via emotion or feeling as is generally provided by means of prior reports, yet have an effect on, a site of sensation implicit within the (overlooked) unique Greek time period for supply, "hypokrisis. "

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He greatly rewards those who please him by determining and giving them their heart’s desire. One of his only true friends is Khadija Su’hi, the Domina of the Guild of Prostitutes, someone he shares advice and information with freely. " Armillae/Armillus: A bracer that is given to legionnaires for great deeds of valor in combat. The bearer of an armillae is well respected and honored, especially by soldiers. Falcata: An ancient Triduae sword design, the ancestor to the Hinterland Machaira and the falchion sword.

While the latter is quite true, the former is not. Almost no one in the historic capital is aware of Araldisar’s true persona, that of a calculating manipulator who could give the best val’Mehan Emissaries a run for their money. Araldisar is mercurial and a master of acting and disguise, having developed five alternate personas as distinct and separate persons. He uses these characters to insert himself throughout the differing social strata of Old Coryan, and to gather information and monitor certain persons.

He is always dressed in dark Myrantian robes, and he wears a large gold talisman enameled in green and blue with a large carnelian set in it. Echidna is the scheming power behind Heru Bas and the Myrantian Medja. He is crafty, obsessed with power, and possessive. He is worm tongued, and will stop at nothing to achieve an end or to gain a quick foothold to the next step up the ladder. Echidna is a smooth if unsettling bargainer, and his ghoulish methods match his sinister motives. He is largely responsible for the current rise in power of the Medja, seeking to do away with Seker so that Heru Bas can take full control of the new monks and warriors in the Myrantian thieves’ guild.

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