Brand Revolution: Rethinking Brand Identity by Marie-Claude Sicard (auth.)

By Marie-Claude Sicard (auth.)

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SCM615: Fakturierung (Version 95)

-- awareness THSI e-book IS IN GERMAN! Description is in English as a result of loss of details in unique language.

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Forms of billing
Invoices in accordance with deliveries and services
Special billing varieties equivalent to credits and debit memos
Methods for developing billing documents
Collective processing of billing documents
Billing to precise deadlines
Settlement forms
Separate invoices for every delivery
Collective invoices
Invoice splits
Methods for developing billing documents
Invoice lists
Billing plans and down payments
Revenue account determination
Special positive factors of the SD/FI interface

The strategy chain within the path SCM615 (Billing) is handled in additional aspect from an debts standpoint in direction AC200 (Financial Accounting Customizing I: common Ledger, money owed Payable, debts Receivable).
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Communication theory focused on the interaction between two interlocutors: and it is for this reason (among others) that it can help shed light on brands, which are a particularly complex example of interaction between companies and consumers. In essence, communication theory is a theory of links and relationships: dissociating or fragmenting knowledge is contrary to the communication theory approach. If one adopts, as I have, the research and insights of this approach, it becomes impossible to choose one of the two brand identity visions, the one located on the marketing science branch, and the other on the consumer research branch.

This one, however, is deceptive: first of all, there is not just one classical conception of identity in Western cultures, but two; and then, the reasons for which one of the two dominated the other for a long time are now in the process of changing. A quick word on these two conceptions of identity. They were both born at about the same time, in the sixth and fifth centuries BC, and they have survived until now, in various forms and with varied success. 32 If marketing thought that existence preceded essence, it would be existentialist.

14 As for brand identity, its biography is very blurry – we’ll come back to this later – but it seems to date from the 21 Brand Revolution 22 end of the twentieth century. So it is almost certain that brand image came along before brand identity. But what do we read from the pen of one of the most respected authors on the subject? That brand image, the supreme divinity of marketing for almost thirty years, is in the final analysis neither more nor less than…a trap! In the brand image trap . . the patience, resources, or expertise to go beyond the brand image is lacking, and the brand image becomes the brand identity rather than just one input to be considered [ .

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