Boron-Nitrogen Compounds by Dr. Kurt Niedenzu, Dr. John W. Dawson (auth.)

By Dr. Kurt Niedenzu, Dr. John W. Dawson (auth.)

Although the chemistry of boron remains to be particularly younger, it truly is constructing at a speed the place even particular parts of study are tricky to assemble right into a monograph. along with the boron hydrides, boron-nitrogen compounds are one of the such a lot interesting derivatives of boron. Nitrogen compounds exist in a large choice of molecular constructions and reveal many attention-grabbing homes. the mix of nitrogen and boron, in spite of the fact that, has a few strange good points which are challenging to check in the other mix of components. this example used to be first well-known by way of ALFRED inventory and it sort of feels right to pay tribute to his striking paintings within the zone of boron chemistry. One may still become aware of that approximately 40 years in the past, inventory and his coworkers needed to enhance thoroughly new experimental techniq'\les and that no information for the interpreta­ tion in their relatively strange information were complex by way of theoretical chemists. during this monograph an test has been made to discover the overall features of constitution and the foundations concerned about the practise and reactions of boron-nitroge~ compounds. It was once a a bit tough job to pick that details which seems to be of the main curiosity to "inorganic and normal chemistry" because the digital courting among a boron-nitrogen and a carbon-carbon grouping is mirrored within the "organic" personality of a number of the reactions and compounds.

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