Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (Global Issues) by Kathy Wilson Peacock

By Kathy Wilson Peacock

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering expertly explains why biotechnology is a appropriate and risky factor. half I starts off with a heritage of biotechnology and its impression on agriculture, drugs, and the surroundings. the second one bankruptcy specializes in the U.S., with emphasis on contemporary growth and new purposes. equivalent time is spent discussing the efforts of human rights advocates, animal rights advocates, and environmentalists to create definitive governmental rules for this budding undefined. The 3rd bankruptcy seems to be at how biotechnology has impacted the area, offering case experiences of its heritage and present function in Japan, India, Germany, and South Africa. half II attracts jointly major U.S. and foreign basic resource files and half III gathers valuable study instruments.

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However, because Muslims sometimes practice polygamy, IVF with a husband’s sperm and a wife’s egg implanted into a second wife is permitted. Spare embryos created during the IVF process are a difficult issue. They may be used by the couple, but if they are not, scholars debate whether they should be used for research purposes. Certainly they are not allowed, under Islamic law, to be donated to an infertile couple. Most believe that destruction of the embryo is acceptable because the Quran teaches that ensoulment takes place on the 120th day of gestation.

Many people believe both processes are unethical and could lead to an industry in which embryos and clones of embryos are created and destroyed in the name of science. Designer Babies In the 1997 movie Gattaca, society embraces eugenic practices to the point that middle- and upper-class parents use biometrics to create children of superior intellect and talent who are called Valids. For example, some children are genetically engineered to have six fingers, which makes them better pianists than their five-fingered cohorts.

The ramifications of genetic testing on people’s ability to obtain health insurance are huge. If people discover they have genes that predispose them to a serious disease, they may be denied insurance for themselves or their families, even if they are still healthy. While test results may prompt people to make lifestyle changes to lessen their chances of developing a disease, this would not necessarily change insurance companies’ decisions because the business model relies on calculated risk. In a 2007 letter to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) summarized the issue: 21 Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Genetic information may identify an individual’s predisposition to develop certain diseases, allowing for early diagnosis and treatment and ensuring that people can make informed decisions and retain maximum control over their health.

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