Biblical Nonsense: A Review of the Bible for Doubting by Jason Long

By Jason Long

The Bible isn't the note of God. Biblical Nonsense is a wide examine the super challenge of associating divinity with the world’s hottest publication. This part-philosophical, part-scientific evaluation explores the Bible’s divine treachery, medical error, old mistakes, fake prophecies, and comical absurdities. Biblical Nonsense additionally expands past those average purposes for skepticism via tackling the reason in the back of the emergence and perpetuation of Christianity, mental and sociocultural purposes that force Christians to dangle to their ideals, and illogical equipment of argumentation invoked within the protection of the Bible. writer Dr. Jason lengthy is a former Christian who condenses the main major biblical difficulties into this unmarried quantity. in contrast to different books within the box that delve into just one subject, this manuscript, understandable even to people who have by no means opened a Bible, is a full-fledged try and show that God’s intended notice is a manufactured from human minds, no longer divine suggestion. Dr. Long’s clean reviews within the church and complicated degrees of academic enlightenment make him the ideal person to give this vehemently unpopular, but undeniably beautiful subject.

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Even with the supposition of these animals being able to tolerate a drastic change in their diets, Noah could not have feasibly provided fresh vegetation throughout the duration of their confinement. The lack of refrigeration and open storage of the accessible rations would have solicited a number of pests to facilitate the natural rotting process. The high level of humidity would also have created an ideal environment for mold to thrive and spoil the food. Every living creature, except for the strongest carnivores eventually able to dine on carcasses, would have soon starved because there would be nothing edible remaining on Noah’s ark.

We also have fanciful tales about giants roaming the earth during the Pentateuch era. There’s a lot of room for interpretation here because the exact nature of these mysterious giants is unknown. However, we understand that the Bible has them living both before and after the flood (Genesis 6:4 and Numbers 13:33). Some Christians have argued these giants are the dinosaurs, but this proposed explanation fails to be consistent with the “flood caused the dinosaur extinction” hypothesis offered by others in the same crowd.

Rather than bogging you down with some mind numbing scientific data, I’ll try to present the various problems in an organized yet fun to read manner. A Dose Of Common Sense Let’s begin by looking at this highly questionable account from a common sense point of view. Within the story, we have a god who has to modify virtually all of his creations for the solely expressed reason of the people having become wicked and evil (Genesis 6:5), yet wicked and evil people continue to exist throughout the Bible.

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