Between Two Worlds: George Tyrrell's Relationship to the by Nicholas Sagovsky

By Nicholas Sagovsky

Tyrrell and Arnold take their position in a above all English theological culture. Appreciation of this custom is of the 1st significance in realizing the heritage to modern Anglicanism and modern Catholicism. greater than that, it bargains a manner of bridging the gulf among the area that to Tyrrell and Arnold was once useless or loss of life and the area of the overdue 20th century with all of the questions that they started to understand - prophetic contributors not able to dwell with the Church in their day and not able to discover the Church of the longer term.

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We should be careful ofjumping to conclusions: the book begins with an exposition of'the sacramental principle' and the ' two worlds' in which it operates, all of which Arnold would have found far too tidy. The convergence comes because both Tyrrell and Arnold are in full reaction against rationalistic theology and both are concerned to ground religion in human moral experience. For Tyrrell, however, the object of religion is transcendent; behind his pragmatism is the philosophy of the will-world: The ' religionising' of conduct is not religion, but only one of its principal conditions and consequences.

Throughout his work his intention to use immanentist apologetic tools in the service of supernatural, transcendental religion was plain. In the succeeding chapters we shall see more closely to what extent he succeeded. This chapter has been an introductory survey, bringing together Tyrrell's clear references to Arnold, and affording some preliminary idea of the debt he might have owed to him. It has not been possible to outline the religious philosophy of either man in such a small compass, and so the effect of comparison must at this point be somewhat two-dimensional.

It is with The Civilizing of the Matafanus, written by early 1901, that Tyrrell's attitude towards Arnold is clearly shown to be more ambivalent. The Matafanus are a fictitious primitive tribe who, after initial resistance, are attracted to the values of' civilisation' by Alpuca, one of their own members, who has absorbed the knowledge, ideas and values of 'civilisation' under hypnosis. Of course, in their primitive state, the Matafanus cannot possibly understand what he is trying to tell them, and he is forced to resort to crude symbolism in order to communicate at all.

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