Art and Scholasticism by Jacques Maritain

By Jacques Maritain

Art and Scholasticism is Jacques Maritain’s vintage argument for an target view of either artwork and the artist. Maritain presents a powerful dissenting standpoint at the lazy, self-flattering creative assumptions of the prior centuries. For this new version, Brian Barbour’s creation supplies a desirable precis of Maritain’s philosophical heritage, his conversion to Catholicism and paintings in Thomistic suggestion, and the significance of Art and Scholasticism in realizing aesthetics—be it in poetry, portray, tune, or literature. Art and Scholasticism is a must-read for fanatics of artwork and knowledge alike. See our different books at!

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At the same time that Christianity creates these salutary difficulties, it superelevates art from within, reveals to it a hidden beauty which is more delicious than light, and gives it what the artist has need of most -- simplicity, the peace of awe and of love, the innocence which renders matter docile to men and fraternal. htm (4 of 4)27-Sep-05 19:15:01 Jacques Maritain Center: Art and Scholasticism 9 Art and Scholasticism by Jacques Maritain Chapter IX Art and Morality The artistic habitus is intent only on the work to be made.

And no doubt it is a question here only of a condition extrinsic to art itself formally considered[*j] -- an obscure poem can be better than a clear poem; nevertheless, the poetic value being equal, the soul will derive more enjoyment from the clear poem, and if the obscurity becomes too great, if the signs are no longer but enigmas, the nature of our faculties protests. In some degree the artist always does violence to nature, and yet if he did not take account of this exigency, he would sin, by a kind of idealist vertigo, against the material or subjective conditions which art is humanly obliged to satisfy.

They are one, if you are truly Christian, and if your art is not isolated from your soul by some system of aesthetics. But apply only the artist to the work; precisely because the artist and the Christian are one, the work will derive wholly from each of them. Do not separate your art from your faith. But leave distinct what is distinct. Do not try to blend by force what life unites so well. If you were to make of your aesthetic an article of faith, you would spoil your faith. If you were to make of your devotion a rule of artistic activity, or if you were to turn desire to edify into a method of your art, you would spoil your art.

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