Applying Cognitive Grammar in the Foreign Language by Jakub Bielak

By Jakub Bielak

The monograph constitutes an try and reveal how Cognitive Grammar (CG) could be hired within the international language school room as a way to assisting rookies in larger figuring out the complexities of English grammar. Its theoretical half offers a short review of the most tenets of Cognitive Grammar in addition to illustrating how the outline of English annoying and point may be approached from a conventional and a CG standpoint. The empirical half studies the findings of an empirical research which aimed to check the consequences of guide using conventional pedagogic descriptions with these grounded in CG at the particular an implicit wisdom of the current uncomplicated and current non-stop Tenses. The e-book closes with the dialogue of instructions for extra learn in terms of the appliance of CG to language pedagogy in addition to a few pedagogic implications

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95)], but has been skipped here due to a lack of revelatory character of these prototypes. Matters are different when it comes to the prototype of the verb category, which CG sees as “the archetypal conception of an asymmetrical energetic interaction, specifically an event in which an agent does something to a patient” (Langacker 1999b, p. 10). 4 Grammar as a Structured Inventory of Conventional Linguistic Units 39 (Langacker 2008a, p. 104), which, just as in the case of their counterparts related to the noun prototype, make the verb prototype perceptually and conceptually basic and salient.

Because of its significance for understanding the CG view of word classes, the discussion will also shed some light on the important CG notion of linguistic construal. 1 Categorization of Semantic and Phonological Units It is a truism to claim that human beings excel at categorization; this is reflected in, among other things, the imposing size and intricate structure of their conceptual world. As large parts of this immense, structured, conceptual universe lend themselves to linguistic expression and thereby constitute semantic poles of symbolic linguistic units, these conceptual areas must also be ascribed the same kind of structural organization induced by categorization (cf.

95, 112) and ultimately refers to the underlying cognitive processing (Langacker 1987, p. 183) as well as the cognitive abilities which support this processing (cf. Langacker 2008a, p. 103). The notion of construal, which refers to the manner of viewing semantic content (cf. Langacker 2008a, p. 55ff), is granted a very important role in CG and, for this reason, it receives detailed treatment extending beyond its significance for parts of speech in Sect. 2. 4 Grammar as a Structured Inventory of Conventional Linguistic Units 31 nouns, as its appreciation provides clues to understanding the emergence of the overall noun category schema.

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