Amphibionics : Build Your Own Biologically Inspired by Karl Williams

By Karl Williams

This paintings presents the hobbyist with unique mechanical, digital, and PIC microcontroller wisdom had to construct and software a snake, frog, turtle, and alligator robots. It makes a speciality of the development of every robotic intimately, after which explores the area of slithering, leaping, swimming, and jogging robots, and the factitious intelligence wanted with those systems.

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Com to make things easier. However, I recommend buying a copy of the compiler if you wish to experiment, change, or customize the programs. If you decide to continue with robotics and electronics, you will eventually need to buy a compiler, such as PicBasic Pro, when working with microcontrollers. hex program listing (continued) :100080000C0403198C0A80300C1A8D060C198D068D :100090008C188D060D0D8C0D8D0D76288F018E0020 :1000A000FF308E07031C8F07031C762803308D005A :1000B000DF305C2050288D01E83E8C008D09FC303B :1000C000031C65288C07031862288C0764008D0FB9 :1000D00062280C186B288C1C6F2800006F28080001 :1000E0008C098D098C0A03198D0A080083130313E8 :1000F0008312640008008316FF3085000C308600F0 :100100008312061383160613831286128316861231 :1001100083120130A60064000B3026020318B028B9 :100120000630A2001030A00050308E0004301420A1 :1001300064308E00023014208610831686108312DD :10014000061083160610323083124E208614831652 :10015000861083120614831606108312A60F8B28AE :100160000630A2001030A00064308E00043014204D :1001700078308E000230142050308E00023014206F :100180005A308E0002301420861083168610831297 :100190000610831606108312AA30A50000218230B3 :1001A000A400ED20CC280130A70064001030270205 :1001B0000318EC2824088C008D01063084004030A0 :1001C000012025088C008D0106308400203001209C :1001D00006304E20A70FD52808000130A800640083 :1001E0000B3028020318FF2824088C008D010630EC :1001F00084004030012006304E20A80FEF28080070 :100200000130A90064000B302902031812292508C7 :100210008C008D01063084002030012006304E20F5 :0A022000A90F02290800630013294A :02400E00F53F7C :00000001FF Using the EPIC Programmer to Program the PIC The two steps left are putting your compiled program into the PICmicro microcontroller and testing it.

Click Here for Terms of Use. 1 PCB artwork printed onto transparency film. circuit board that has been printed onto transparency film using an ink-jet printer. After successfully transferring the artwork to a transparency, the following instructions can be used to create a board. A 4- ϫ 6-inch presensitized positive copper board is ideal for all of the projects presented in this book. When you place the transparency on the copper board, it should be oriented exactly as shown in each chapter. Make any sensor boards that go with the particular project at the same time.

7K pull-up 29 Amphibionics resistor tied to the /MCLR pin, and a suitable 5-volt power supply. Many PICmicros other than the 16F84, as well as oscillators of frequencies other than 4 MHz, may be used with the PicBasic Pro Compiler. The PicBasic Pro Compiler produces code that may be programmed into a wide variety of PICmicro microcontrollers having from 8 to 84 pins and various on-chip features, including A/D converters, hardware timers, and serial ports. For general purpose PICmicro development using the PicBasic Pro Compiler, the PIC 16F84, 16F876, and 16F877 are the current PICmicros of choice.

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