Algebra I: Quick Review, 2nd Edition (Cliffs Notes) by Jerry Bobrow (author), Ed Kohn (revisor)

By Jerry Bobrow (author), Ed Kohn (revisor)

Contained in the Book:Preliminaries and uncomplicated OperationsSigned Numbers, Frac-tions, and PercentsTerminology, units, and ExpressionsEquations, Ratios, and ProportionsEquations with Vari-ablesMonomials, Polynomials, and FactoringAlgebraic FractionsInequalities, Graphing, and Absolute ValueCoordinate GeometryFunctions and VariationsRoots and RadicalsQuadratic EquationsWord ProblemsReview QuestionsResource CenterGlossaryWhy CliffsNotes?Go with the identify you recognize and trust...Get the data you need—fast!CliffsNotes fast overview publications provide you with a transparent, concise, easy-to-use overview of the fundamentals. Introducing every one subject, defining keyword phrases, and punctiliously jogging you thru pattern difficulties, this consultant is helping you grab and comprehend the $64000 suggestions had to succeed.Master the Basics–FastComplete assurance of middle conceptsEasy topic-by-topic organizationAccess enormous quantities of perform difficulties at

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2. Write over one hundred. 3. Reduce if necessary. Example 25a (Applying method 1): Change to fractions. Method 2 1. Drop the percent sign. 2. Multiply by . 3. Reduce if necessary. Example 25b (Applying method 2): Change to fractions. 33 34 CliffsNotes Algebra I Quick Review Memorizing the following can eliminate computations: Finding the percent of a number To determine the percent of a number, change the percent to a fraction or decimal (whichever is easier for you) and multiply. Remember, the word of means multiply.

Chapter 2: Signed Numbers, Fractions, and Percents 37 Example 28c: What number is 30% of 50? Therefore, 15 is 30% of 50. Scientific Notation Very large or very small numbers are sometimes written inscientific notation. A number written in scientific notation is a decimal number between 1 and 10 multiplied by a power of 10. Example 29: Express the following in scientific notation. 1 × 10 6. Simply place the decimal point to get a number between 1 and 10 and then count the digits to the right of the decimal to get the power of 10.

50 CliffsNotes Algebra I Quick Review Multiply each side of the equation by (same as dividing by ). Example 5: Solve for x. 5x = 2x – 6 Subtract 2x from each side of the equation. Divide each side of the equation by 3. Example 6: Solve for x. 6x + 3 = 4x + 5 Subtract 4x from each side of the equation. Subtract 3 from each side of the equation. Chapter 4: Equations, Ratios, and Proportions 51 Divide each side of the equation by 2. Literal equations Literal equations have no numbers, only symbols (letters).

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