AI and Cognitive Science ’92: University of Limerick, 10–11 by Erik Sandewall (auth.), Kevin Ryan BA, BAI, PhD, MBCS,

ev Finally, we discuss how the type of warrant and the type of reasoning step are combined to yield the qualiftcation for warrant application aspect of the tau backing.

The formal definition of complete autonomy is: Definittion of Complete Autonomy. In a distributed system R we say that the agents of a set E are autonomous with respect to the set of system states S iff for all SE S the states obtained by modifying s with the subtraction or addition of agents in E are always in S. Roughly, the above definition says that the states of the agents of E have to be completely uncorrelated, that is, no agent have know of the others. If we consider not only that the number of soldiers is unknown, but also that new soldiers may continuously arrive, then it can be proved that the interference of the incoming soldiers may force the initial soldiers to exchange an unlimited number of messages.

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