Against Eurocentrism: A Transcendent Critique of Modernist by Rajani Kannepalli Kanth

By Rajani Kannepalli Kanth

This paintings renders an uncompromising verdict at the scourge of our millennium: i.e. modernism, itself the artefact of yes past due Eurocentric propensities. It argues that, while modernism is possessed of a few virtues and benignities, they're bought at a long way too excessive a cost-indeed, a value that neither the species nor the planet can, on any scale, locate reasonable. extra urgently, the writer holds that modernism imperils the life of all species and the mum of all hospitalities, viz., the planet itself. Given the imminence and the gravity of this possibility, as portrayed within the paintings, he additional means that no different posture is in any respect, within the optimum experience, ecologically accountable. We needs to, said easily, he claims, holiday with the manifold paradigms of the eu Enlightenment or locate ourselves, quickly adequate, as mutant beings occupying an alien habitat. This ebook is going a long way past the standard style of critique by way of truly supplying salves and antidotes to the iconic malaise of our instances. It additionally deals a brand new paradigm for the human sciences finding it firmly within the species being of our hominid natures thereby annulling the spurious differences among ''nature-culture'', drawn via the eu enlightenment. specifically, the publication issues to the ''paradigm of femininity'' because the capability agent of a really genuine, and realizable (and learned) emancipation from the delusive ''utopias'' of eu, masculinist paternity. ultimately, the ebook entreats us to think again our genuine placement in an evolving, self-fulfilling universe.

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Thus, the specific circumstances governing the ascent of Europe are simply singular historical artefacts not open for emulation, suggestion, or enterprise. Easy to see the contrast with the various determinisms, liberal and radical, outlined above, where patterns are seen as transferable and repeatable—an error of Marxian and mainstream “social science,” alike. Stated succinctly capitalism was neither a necessary, desirable, consciously sought, 28 Against Eurocentrism “goal,” nor even a vital feat of social evolution: it was a purely fortuitous development owing to a specific conjuncture of forces, events, and suitabilities, that has done little to enhance welfare when weighed against the costs it has extorted.

It is this singular, self-absorbed, autism of the late modernist European that was to have such earth shaking consequences for the rest of the planet. (7) Definitions of capitalism, as they abound in the literature, are a matter largely of taste and orthodoxy; given its multiple forms, stages, locations, and so on, there is no warrant for believing that an occlusion is possible, or even necessary, on its semantics. Marxists assimilate it usually to “wagelabor” (partial or general) although left merely at that, such relations have probably existed through much of the world without occasioning any such earthshaking European outcomes.

But why? How did such a “calling” arise? Far too easy to answer at 22 Against Eurocentrism one level of materialist explanation, provided one is ready to pay the requisite metaphysical dues to materialism: they who had nothing and wanted all, could only act in that way in line with the idea of necessitas non habet legem. That is to say, the very relative paucity in critical resources (but only so when judged in a uniquely “modernist” frame) of early European pioneer countries, England specially, meant that greed—much as need—had to look far and beyond for easy acquisition and accumulation: to the east, mainly, for the fabled wealth of the Indies and China.

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