Advanced Stress and Stability Analysis: Worked Examples by V.I. Feodosiev, Sergey A. Voronov, Sergey V. Yaresko

By V.I. Feodosiev, Sergey A. Voronov, Sergey V. Yaresko

Перевод на английский классического учебного пособия Феодосьев В. И. ''Избранные задачи и вопросы по сопротивлению материалов'' (Физматлит, 1996, 5-е изд., испр. и доп.). Книга в основном состот из решений задач и ответов на вопросы. Может быть полезна и русскоязычным научным работникам при написании статей на английском. This e-book is a set of difficulties for complicated scholars within the region of power of fabrics. It attracts the reader´s realization additionally to difficulties which are usually ignored and solutions questions which are a long way past a coaching direction and require extra basic realizing. All difficulties are supplied with specific recommendations to allow the reader to both know about the problem-solving method or simply to envision his/her personal approach of resolution. The learn and academic paintings of V.I. Feodosiev used to be conducted within the Bauman Moscow kingdom technical collage the place he held the path on power of fabrics for fifty years. Deep perception into engineering difficulties, clearness of options and magnificence of recommendations followed through pedagogical expertise are the most beneficial properties of his type.

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14(b). If the amplitudes of the two light waves are equal (a1 ˆ a2 ) and the phase difference is an odd multiple of 90º, the tip of the electric field strength vector executes a circular motion in the x and y values and is called circularly-polarised light. Furthermore, if the direction of rotation of the displacement in the xÀy plane is clockwise (when looking opposite to the direction of propagation), it is called right circularly-polarised. However, if the rotation is counter-clockwise and the phase difference is an odd multiple of 90º, it is called left circularlypolarised light.

Mathematically, the structure to be analysed is subdivided into a mesh of finite sized elements of simple shape. 3 (a) After digitisation of the image, many different processes may be used to transform/modify the image in order to detect linear features, alter the contrast to make features more visible or to distort the image for startling visual effects. (b) Stereology seeks to define unbiased methods for estimating feature characteristics using appropriate sampling probes. These probes could be point probes to measure numbers, or line probes or 2D sampling planes, usually with associated special counting rules.

15. The two sine waves, one representing variations in the x direction and the other representing variations in the y direction, are generally out of phase with each other. If the waves have the same frequency, the Lissajous figure is static (the shape does not alter) but if the waves have different frequencies, a time-varying figure would be seen. t À 2 † ‰1:19Š 22 Microscopy techniques for materials science After some manipulation, it can be shown that sin2 … 1 À 2 † ˆ y2 x2 2yx ‡ À cos… 1 À 2 † 1 2 1 2 ‰1:20Š describes the relationship between x and y and hence the shape of the figure.

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