A New History of Life: The Radical New Discoveries about the by Peter D. Ward, Joe Kirschvink

By Peter D. Ward, Joe Kirschvink

Charles Darwin's theories, first released greater than a hundred and fifty years in the past, shape the spine of ways we comprehend the historical past of the Earth. in truth, the at the moment permitted heritage of existence in the world is so mistaken, so outdated, that it's previous time we want a 'New historical past of Life.'

In their most recent e-book, Joe Kirschvink and Peter Ward will convey that a lot of our so much adored ideals concerning the evolution of lifestyles are flawed. collecting and interpreting years of discoveries and learn now not but widely recognized to the general public, a brand new historical past of lifestyles proposes a special beginning of species than the single Darwin proposed, one that comprises eight-foot-long centipedes, a frozen "snowball Earth," and the seeds for all times originating on Mars.

Drawing on their years of expertise in paleontology, biology, chemistry, and astrobiology, specialists Ward and Kirschvink paint an image of the origins existence in the world which are straight away too tremendous to visualize and too general to dismiss—and having a look ahead, a brand new historical past of lifestyles brilliantly assembles insights from a number of the most recent medical learn to appreciate how lifestyles on the earth can and may evolve a long way into the longer term.

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Old­earther Walter Bradley, responding to a recent creationist's challenge about the proper interpretation of yom following one of his talks, ridiculed this implication of the twenty­four hour view, wondering if somehow the animals could have galloped and zoomed past Adam at top speed in the few hours that would have been open in his schedule that day, giving him perhaps a fraction of a second or so to name each.  They think it "probable" that he could have realized this in a matter of hours. "27 In this they sound a warning about the slippery slope to atheism which we will hear echoed again and again by creationists of all stripes: If you can't trust that Genesis is literally true, then how can you trust the rest of the Bible?

They still at times speak of themselves as "Howlers," as when some of them gathered at the Museum of Natural History in New York for a "Howlerfest" to meet one another in person and to view some of the "nonexistent evidence" for evolutionary descent.  It was here that I really first began to appreciate the struggle that is taking place within the Tower.  Having been repeatedly defeated in their attempts to get major creationist legislation to stick, they have turned their attention to more local activism.

Many scientists still seem to think that all creationists are young­earthers and this leaves them unprepared to respond to new threats from unfamiliar quarters.  so narrow that they end up factionalizing and excluding even one another, not to mention the vast majority of other religious and nonreligious believers.  What is new is the recognition of the several distinct creationist theologies and that these determine what part or parts of science the different factions are willing to accept.  This last point about how we should evaluate empirical evidence will be of particular importance to our story for it is where philosophy of science enters the picture and where the new creationists are pressing the attack.

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