A Mended and Broken Heart: The Life and Love of Francis of by Wendy Murray

By Wendy Murray

A few reflections:

(1) That Francis was once a fine looking guy, as prompt via the author,was rarely the case. now we have modern pics of Francis displaying differently besides descriptions of his contemporaries reminiscent of Thomas of Celano;

(2) That Francis used to be a womanizer, back instructed through the writer, is uncertain. there's no facts in any respect of this. In thirteenth Century Assisi, any such small city, it'll were prohibitied except the writer is suggesting Francis visited homes of prostitution. there is not any list of this in any respect. the writer is placing her twenty first Century inklings into the thirteenth Century;

(3) there is not any indication in any respect that Francis had any romantic feelings
toward Claire of Assisi. background is totally silent in this factor. the writer is true relating Francis' and his love of Arthurian legends.
As an issue of heritage, the belief of chivalric love prohibited sexual touch. woman Poverty used to be simply that - a component of his mystical lifestyles. And certainly the age distinction is suspect - Francis used to be virtually 30 whilst he switched over to the paranormal lifestyles - Claire turning 14 - 15;

(4) sure, Francis did visit struggle. the writer says he was once a "warrior."
Such a observe indicates a life-style which may rarely painting the Francis of Assisi of old checklist. definite, he went to conflict yet we haven't any concept of what he did. He may have killed or he might have been nursing the wounded in his first conflict. we do not be aware of. We do comprehend he used to be attempting to satisfy his father's aspirations whilst he armored as much as cross at the Cursades. This enterprise, we all know, was once interrupted through a magical occasion for Francis. He became again and have become a knight of his Lord - the paranormal Christ who ultimately spoke to him at Daniano. used to be he then a "failed knight?" as instructed via the writer. Francis concept differently. the matter the following seems to be the author's loss of spiritual intuition which might make such occasions incomprehensible. If something could be stated approximately Francis at this juncture is that he didn't reside as much as his father's needs - a failed son instead of a failed knight. the connection among Francis and his father is a gold mine that merits mental scrutiny - to make certain a Freudian could come to another end than a Jungian.

(5)The writer contends that he created friendship with the Muslims. hugely exagerated. Francis was once a medieval guy and probably idea as so much medieval Christians the assumption of the hugely influential Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, the 1st preacher of the Crusades a century past. Bernard stated "to kill a Muslim isn't really to dedicate homocide." Francis faced the Sultan in the course of the Crusades. at the moment he justified the killing going as being helpful till the Muslims permitted the Gospel of Jesus Christ. On his go back from the Crusades he not just didn't hold forth opposed to the Crusades yet his Order, the Franciscans, have been ordered via the Pope to evangelise the Crusades. during this means, they went from city to city to elevate males, cash and fabric for the Crusades. Had it no longer been for the Franciscans the Crusades couldn't have occurred in that century. No objections from the founder here;

There are many stable books on Saint Francis. this isn't one in every of them. the writer lacks the spirit of the age, the non secular intuition that may understand what the actors are facing. i'm sorry to assert this isn't strong heritage. it's sloppy historical past reflecting the emotions of the current into the prior. Of the prospective 5 stars I remove 3 for wish of heritage yet supply it one famous person for the canopy and one superstar for the paper it truly is written on. Why punish the blameless no matter if inanimate?

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The enemy reckoned it expedient to take him hostage. So in the devastating aftermath of the battle at Collestrada, Francis, the son of Pietro Bernadone, was taken a prisoner of war. 0465002085_Text 5/5/08 11:43 AM Page 28 This page intentionally left blank 0465002085_Text 5/5/08 11:43 AM Page 29 C H A P T E R Three Dreams and Prayers A mong Francis’ fellow prisoners in Perugia was a knight from Apulia, in the south, who had come north to fight with the Assisiani. 1 He was awash with stories about Gautier de Brienne, a French knight of high birth from a military family, who had undertaken a military campaign in the south.

6 Ambition for war was also endemic in the culture, yet the power to orchestrate engagement lay with the overlords in the castles, the nobility. As Francis was growing up, however, a merchant class was rising and flourishing, and rumors abounded of uprisings in other localities. Assisi was strategically located along the primary route between Rome and France, the Strada Francesca. Tradesmen from Italy traveled this road endlessly, north to south, and Pietro 0465002085_Text 5/5/08 11:43 AM Page 9 Assisi’s Son 9 Bernadone, Francis’ father, was numbered among the region’s most prosperous; he regularly traveled to Champagne and Provence, where he bought and sold linens.

In early 1204, after a year of recovery from his prison time, Francis was beginning to feel inner changes. He was unsettled, agitated, sometimes depressed, and other times wildly animated. Something was stirring inside him. Many 0465002085_Text 5/5/08 11:43 AM Page 32 32 A Mended and Broken Heart historians mark this period as the beginning of Francis’ spiritual calling. But such things are difficult to document. In any case, his health slowly improved and he resumed a degree of normalcy in his life, returning to his father’s shop to work.

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